Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 2: What theory do you use?

This week , the readings focus on the importance of incorporating elements from many different learning theories in one's learning design. The articles reviewed the behaviourist, cognitive and situative schools of thought.

One thing that occurred to me was that while it might be very "democratic" and fair-minded to be as inclusive as possible of all the theories, this approach didn't seem to square with our work in the last semester where we looked at LORI and what makes for a good learning object. As well, the various principles we studied in 892 struck me as less welcoming of an eclectic "smorgasbord" approach; they favour a "it works or it doesn't" mindset. Hmmmm...

The Dreamweaver segment...
I came across a great resource for webpage layouts the other day. (My son Nathan suggested it to me.) Open Source Web Designs has over 2000 layouts the the budding site designer can download as a jump start to a killer design. Follow this link for some great templates!

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