Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 3: How do you learn French?

We had an interesting class looking at practical examples of how each of the learning theories affects the teaching of a particular topic. We used "French language instructions" as our focus and explored how this would look to a behaviourist, a cognitive psychologist, et al. I could see elements from each of the different theories in all the teacher manuals I have ever used in my years of teaching French. The instructor reminded us that there is only one world, and the theories are lenses we can use to investigate that world. But which view is "right"? If I choose a lens that dramatically deforms my view of the world, and bears little resemblance to reality, how can I operate effectively, safely, surely, etc.? Does it hinge on what I believe knowledge and learning is? Hmmmm.

Our readings for Week 4 are on "Activity Theory". More about this later!

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